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Super 8

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602 W Rt 66
Flagstaff AZ 86001

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On Nov 27 2012 NATHAN T wrote, Stayed in this hotel previously with no problems. This time, we woke up to bed bugs climbing on us and sucking our blood. There was only one other room available and the desk clerk did allow us to move into it, which meant getting our sleeping children out of bed and walking across a cold parking lot in the middle of the night. We think the other room wasn't infested as well, but probably is now. The...
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On Nov 18 2012 johnsontl25 wrote, ourselves. (They did give us a discount for the dirty room.)Stayed over night and had bites all over my body. They itch badly. Went to a pharmacy I was told I had severly infected bed bug bites and to go to a Dr. Immediately. And am now on antibiotics and the itching does not stop. We will be contacting the corporate headquarters about this situation. Please do not stay here in the mean time.
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On Jul 11 2012 traveler wrote, ...from something on my legs and arm. spent the rest of the night trying to get some sleep and woke up bitten every time. A search of the bed reveiled several bedbugs. Moved to second bed and woke up 2hrs later with bedbug biting my left hand. said nothing to the front desk as I've never received anything but excusses and the run around from complaining. STAY AWAY from Super 8 West in Flagstaff
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On May 6 2012 Kelly Berry wrote, Stayed in room 119 on may 4, 2012. Next day found bug bites covering my back of my arms, back,legs and face. reported it to the motel, said they would look into it.
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On Dec 12 2011 Don wrote, and confirmed via several color photos that they indeed appeared to be a common variety of bed bug. I plan to discard the shirt and underwear, I was wearing along with several other items I believe might have been contaminated during the previous nights without my being aware. I can only hope I'm not carrying any insects or eggs home with me on something else I've missed. I plan to report...
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On Aug 28 2011 Odie4az wrote, First I want to thank everyone who wrote in and called the health dept about the bed bug situation. Due to your follow up the hotel took action and our stay turned out OK. I booked via priceline bids and was extremely sorry I did as I paid $125.00 for a room typically $70.00. Then I read about the bug situation and made several calls to priceline to no avail. However, when I spoke to the hotel they...
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On Aug 22 2011 C_J60933 wrote, My family stayed at this hotel Aug. 12-14, 2011. We suspected bed bugs the first night but weren't sure. The second night we found several bed bugs in both beds. Also in another room family members were staying in (Room 138 and 139). The manager, Sarah was not helpful and did not want to talk with me. The owner, Pragna ____, would not return any phone calls. We did not get a full refund because we...
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On Aug 20 2011 Activitiesaboundguy wrote, The room was not very clean and second night the maid took one of the pillows and did not restock the towels, or coffee. Had to go to front destk and get supplies. Service was friendly, however 4 days after leaving hotel, I broke out in bed bug bites all over my body.
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On Aug 9 2011 AUGUST 5, 2011 A group of about 20 of us had the unfortunate pleasure of staying here. was asleep, felt something fall on my nose. I thought. that's not right. Hope its not a bed bug. Next day, woke up and saw a bed bug on my bed. The other bed had tiny white baby bed bugs. OH @#()&$) Never again. Front office offered a 20% discount, since the clerk couldn't authorize a full refund. Never heard back...
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On Aug 9 2011 DesertDweller2011 wrote, BED BUGS! We stayed one night here and found bed bugs in both beds the next morning, we jumped out of bed and showered. We had to seal our cloths, thankfully we had our suitcase up off the floor, but we had to sanitize everything once we got home. Not something you want to deal with on a vacation. Front Desk/Night Manager was told(it was 4:30AM when we found them) and we received a $25 discount off...
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On May 25 2011 funinMV wrote, ...up from the wet walk to the office and fell asleep. I was awakened at 4:00 am by a black pincher bug biting me on my upper arm! OUCH! At first light, we went to the office and informed the gal at the front desk about the bug bite. NO APOLOGY! NOTHING! THE WORST "CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! She finally offered us another room, under the stairwell, saying it was the only room available....
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