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Millennium Broadway Hotel

(212) 768-4400
145 W 44TH St
New York NY 10036

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On Dec 17 2012 irieisle wrote, ...the upgraded room. 4) Elevators worked well. Although I did not experience it, my colleagues later told me that this hotel has been known to have bedbugs. The good news about that is that if they did, they were forced to clean it out so it's probably cleaner than some other hotels. However, the hotel snob that I am, I will not stay here again. I want clean walls, working fixtures, clean carpet.
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On Sep 10 2012 Pookiedook wrote, ...My friend came from NC to stay with me while I was on travel. She said NYC was know for having bed bugs, so she brought Lysol spray. We checked the bed for bed bugs, but there wasn't any, thank ____). She still sprayed the beds just in case. I will be back in NYC in October and I plan on staying at this hotel again. Praying that there aren't any bed bugs this time also. Loved NYC and the hotel.
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On May 1 2012 septerz wrote, Staff argues with customers. Dirty room.found trash from previous guests. Bed Bugs Faulty showers. Poor draining in sinks, toilets, showers. Poor or NO internet connectivity for a high price. Only a couple of the elevators function. Thin walls.let's say there are no secrets. Dirty bedding.old uncomfortable mattress.
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On Apr 8 2012 GPNZ wrote, Bed bugs and poor management, lack of ownership which ruined my vacation. Thanks
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On Feb 25 2012 Just spent 4 nights in this hotel along with a group of 20 colleagues. We each had a room, all on different floors. There was NOT ONE REPORT OF BED BUGS. Reading all the reports prior to my trip, I was very worried and upon check in I addressed the issue with the reception staff. They denied having bed bugs in the hotel and said that the hotel is treated once an incident is reported. So I just wanted...
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On Jan 17 2012 lskwara wrote, ...worn. The bathroom was clean but again was worn. The bed was ok to sleep on. I always check for bed bugs and was surprised when I looked at the mattress and it was a pillowtop which looked fairly new.there were no signs of bed bugs. There was only one additional pillow in the room and we could have used another one. The next morning my husband saw the maid in the hallway and asked for another pillow.we...
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On Dec 25 2011 ken wrote, Dec 23rd 2011. Woke up to a bite on bump on hairline and my back. Didnt think it was anything and went back to bed. Several hours later i have water bumps on various parts of my body. Both emailed and called managrment once i got home but no official response or acknowledgrment. I was wise enought to take pictures of the bites on my body just in case they try to deny anything. We were lucky however...
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On Dec 14 2011 Kabear wrote, ...king room high up floor and corner room with a good view of Times Square. The bed was good and no bedbugs. The minuses: 1. tiny room. 2. large bathroom door swings inside the bathroom and is blocked from closing by the toilet - it's in the way. 3. I asked for all feather pillows before arrival and was told they had them. I had to ask again 2 x after arrival and finally got them for both of us by...
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On Oct 8 2011 Nikki wrote, I stayed at the Millennium Broadway hotel from September 24-27 and my sister (who was on the trip with me) woke up with several bites on her foot. We did not "see" any bed bugs, so we were unable to be moved. I was slightly concerned, however, now my bed has bed bugs and I am needing to call an exterminator to take care of the problem. Ugh!
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On Aug 13 2011 found bed bugs on wall near bed - reported to reception and left hotel.
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On Aug 10 2011 Robert wrote, I got off the bed and walk to the bathroom, upon my return I moved the sheets and found three bedbugs. The hotel came to the room and put the bugs in a glass. I was in a panic and they said they would move me. My concern was if my suitcase or cloths had bugs on them. The hotel acted in a way that was very casual. Everything worked out and my cloths got cleaned and I stayed at another hotel. This...
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On Aug 7 2011 pkb123 wrote, ...Decor was awful and rooms weren't very clean. I spent 4 nights at his hotel by end if my stay I noticed red dots on my legs, back, and arms thought I had allergic reaction to something but came to find out when I got home they were BED BUG BITES ! I'm currently being treated and very upset, I will never stay at this hotel again rather pay extra 100 dollars and stay at Marriott in times square.
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On Jul 3 2011 Jessica wrote, ...and in the third room my roommate woke up in the morning with 4 bites on her legs. After not knowing whether these were spider bites or bed bug bites, once we arrived at our office, we soon learned that 2 other girls that were rooming together each had many bites. The only explainable reasoning for this could be bed bugs. In all our experience at Millennium Broadway Hotel was very disappointing.
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On Jul 2 2011 JJ_Enjoying_Life wrote, This hotel has great aspects, however the rooms are in serious need of updating. The bathroom needs some major refreshing and better cleaning. The view from my room was excellent. I have never (to my knowledge) had bed bug bites, but believe I have about 5 of them. Two on my hand, one on my arm and two on my left leg. I did not visibly see anything on the bed, but I had the bites in the am. Summary:...
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On Jun 13 2011 stacey68 wrote, We travelled two couples. The location of the hotel was in the heart of all the action Time square. Walking distance to everything. We had the Superior King room Very nice and spacious. Nothing over the top but clean and NO BED BUGS! Front desk could of used a few more people. Overall good stay and would stay again. Directly out the doors of the Hotel is a Starbuck good for morning coffee.
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On Apr 11 2011 Paul wrote, I've stayed at this hotel five times now over the past four years, usually for 5 to 8 nights at a time. My last stay was March 2011. I have never had a problem here and the hotel will supply a mattress topper if you find the bed a bit hard. I always check the bed carefully and everything here is very clean. I thoroughly recommend this hotel for it's cleanliness.
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On Feb 7 2011 courtneyandolive wrote, ...screen TV, two leather chairs, and a fairly large bathroom. Our room was clean and had no signs of bed bugs as mentioned in previous reviews. In addition, the hotel was great about allowing us an early check in (10am) on the day we arrived and a late check out (1pm). The best things about this hotel is location, location, location. You can enter the hotel from either 43rd or 44th street and are...
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On Nov 21 2010 ...out roomed immediately upon arrival. Called the front desk prior to be completing my reservation. Front desk clerk was perfectly forthcoming and polite when I asked about any reports of bedbugs in the hotel. Asked if I wanted to speak to a manager, so I did. The manager was polite and professional and explained what the hotel does to protect guest. I will stay at this hotel again with confidence.
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On Nov 20 2010 Rusty Shackleford wrote, Aww come on "Meg and Amy" cleanliness has very little to do with bedbugs. The majority of infestations are cause by travelers (mostly airline people) They very rarely start at the hotel they are usually deposited there by these travelers.This hotel not having them isn't a matter of "they are so clean they can't get them", it's a matter of a infested traveler hasn't stayed there yet BUT, they will.
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On Nov 12 2010 We stayed at the hotel the first week of October. The room was very clean and we checked all the usual places for bedbugs. There were no signs of the creatures but we followed advice and put luggage on the rack provided. The staff was very polite and we enjoyed our stay. I'm assuming the staff & management are being dilligent to see that the hotel remains clean and pest-free. Meg
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On Oct 28 2010 Amy wrote, Seeing that there are alot of hotels in NYC with bed bugs right now I wanted to share a good experience of a BED BUG FREE HOTEL as of (9/25-9/28/2010)so ppl can go and feel safe. This hotel was very clean! I too was so scared I might find bugs in our room. I did the normal bed and room check and found no signs of the evil villians here! Although I didnt find signs I still followed safty measures like...
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On Oct 18 2010 We where in this hotel in February 2010 and brought back bedbugs to our home in Germany. Up to now we are still fighting with the nice animals and it need a long time to come back to a normal life.
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On Oct 12 2010 BenP80 wrote, I didn't even stay in this hotel and they still charged my credit card. My wife and I read a number of reviews about bed bugs being an issue and apparently all the hotel do to resolve the problem is deny it all. So we cancelled with 1 months notice despite there being no cancellation policy on the booking and booked in at St Giles Tuscany on E39th st. Despite cancelling they have still charged my credit...
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On Sep 29 2010 globalnomad63 wrote, ...stiff. 1 of 2 rooms not ready at check in or an hour later. Nice enough staff offered a room with an upgrade! Went up to upgraded room to find it as previous guest had left it. Finally moved into a room as the rest of our family was moving out of the first room. Really strange smell - maybe bedbug disinfectant? Booked through Priceline so the best the staff could do was offer free breakfast.
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On Sep 28 2010 helsinkiblush wrote, ...The worst bit was waking up in the hotel in morning, my legs and feet covered in itchy, red bedbug bites. There was no mistaking what they were, and I had not had any the night before. I went downstairs to complain to staff, and was at first helped by a friendly guy at reception, and another security guy. They helped me file a bedbug report. Then their manager, a lady I believe was called Melanie,...
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On Sep 26 2010 I have just cancelled a booking at this hotle after being notified by a colleague of their issues with bites on their body which have since been identified as bed bugs -trip adviser seems to have a few reports on its web site of incidents at this hotel
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On Sep 23 2010 My husband and I stayed at the Millennium Broadway hotel in September 2010. I woke up to find my feet and legs covered in red, itchy bedbug bites. When I told the hotel about this issue, they made no effort to do anything about it, and I was actually yelled at.
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On Sep 4 2010 businessasusual2 wrote, neck and arms. Not knowing what the bumps were from, I went back to sleep after popping some allergy meds and putting on some Cortisone anti-itch cream. I woke in the morning to find bedbug bites (in a series of 3) under my neck, behind my ear, and on my right arm. Additionally, after I told the hotel about it, they ignored me and took no steps to fix the bedbug problem. Beware of the bedbugs!
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On Jul 7 2010 cpadad wrote, When I checked in they said a suit, 5218 was available. Went up to the room, checked it for bugs. Didn't see any, almost got in bed, and I checked under the comforter in the lower right corner of the bed and there it was. A single bug crawling between the sheets and comforter. Had to call the front desk four times before they moved me to another room in another part of the hotel. Told the people at...
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On Mar 22 2009 MyLiberalBias wrote, ...itself was quite worn. It looked classy if you didn't look closely. We didn't make a fuss because we're not fussy people, and the price was so good we thought we should keep our mouths shut. Overall, I was happy with the price and there weren't any bedbugs, so that's about all I hope for when I visit Manhattan. Had we gotten that upper room I might have given it a 5. Being on the lowest floor? 3.
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On Jun 15 2008 TravelMonkey29 wrote, ...stuck in the roach motel for our weekend getaway to NY. I am not joking when I was worried about bed bugs here. I still feel ill about it all. We were attending an event on the Upper West Side and needed a taxi and nobody at the hotel entrance was interested in helping us. My husband had to go out and try and find on his own for us. I thought that was pretty pathetic. Thanks Millenium Broadway for...
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On Oct 25 2007 nathnyc wrote, The first room I walked into smelled like urine. The hotel quickly switched me rooms. By the time I checked out I had multiple bed bug bites. Unfortunately the blanket that I brought with me and used that night got infested with bugs and I brought them back home with me. The bugs must've come from the headboard or other. The housekeeping management claimed they would do something, but it's been weeks...
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