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Rihga Royal Hotel

151 W 54th St
New York NY 10019

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On Sep 18 2012 ATucci100 wrote, Stayed at London NYC hotel in August 2012 and brought home bedbugs as a souvenir. $1,00 and much anguish to rid my house of the problem. Outrageous. Do not stay here! The room seemed nice. The hotel seemed clean. But, it was not.
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On Jun 12 2012 We stayed at the London NYC in room 3112 in June. The hotel room was lovely and clean and no problem of bed bugs. I was rather worried about the reports of bed buds in New York so I thoroughly checked the bed before we slept in it and checked it again when we woke up and it was totally clear of any signs that bed bugs leave.
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On Jan 30 2012 Anastasia wrote, Stayed here with my husband Dec 9-11. The room was beautiful and there were no signs of bed bugs - I checked EVERYWHERE (because I'm so paranoid). My sister and her husband stayed in another room and theirs was also bedbug free.
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On Aug 6 2011 outraged wrote, ...were mosquito bites. The second night we switched beds and I woke up with red welts classic bed bug bloodline bites. Management offered to buy us dinner. What a disgrace. It was not until I put a stop payment from Amex and threatened to call every newspaper did they offer an apology and full refund. What a horrible experience. My legs are still discolored. I told everyone and anyone this story so...
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On Oct 5 2010 ...the nights of 10/1 and 10/2, and woke up my last morning with what was clearly a welt from a bedbug bite. Obviously not a major infestation in that room, since I escaped entirely the first night. Then again, I was out quite late both nights, so I didn't spend much time in bed. I reported it to the front desk on my way out, the woman looked at me in utter horror but didn't try to deny what it was.
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On Sep 21 2010 Stayed 2 nights at the end of August 2010. Husband and i got multiple bites on our arms. Didnt realize they were bedbug bites until researching it online while waiting at JFK to fly home. We threw away our luggage once we got home and put all of our clothes in the washer on high heat before entering our home. Then had to pay $250 for a bedbug sniffing dog to inspect our home. Left a voicemail with...
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On Sep 17 2010 ...further. The next day they gave me a report from the linen company that said there were no bedbugs found. My bites were obvious and typical of bedbugs so I asked to see a doctor to confirm what they were. At first , they tried to discourage me by saying they would charge me for the visit. I asked them if this seemed was so clear to me they were avoiding the obvious, so I insisted that it...
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On Sep 10 2010 April 2009-Spent three nights at London NYC. My daughter (different bed than me)had bed bug bites all over her legs after the second night. We complained to the hotel and they inspected the room. They denied that there were bed bugs. However, a doctor said they were bed bug bites. The hotel did not offer a refund or credit of any kind. I insisted on it and they finally agreed to one night free.
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On Jul 20 2010 Mrs. B. wrote, ...were from. First I thought it was flea bites because people are checking in with small dogs, but then my husband who never gets bitten also noticed red itchy spots on his legs also. He was the one who thought they must be bed bug. I will probably seek medical advice since they are still red one week later. Fine hotels like this should take better care of their customers and clean up their rooms.
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On May 16 2010 L. Alexander wrote, ...on leg. The entire trip my legs were only exposed while sleeping in bed at The London. After sleeping here a second night I flew home and discovered I had five large bites that were in the classic bed bug bite pattern. Had to double wash everything I took with me and all bedding at home to try and make sure I didn't bring any back with me. Have never had this problem at home and do not want it!
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On Mar 9 2010 MAY 2009 Husband and daughter went on short vacation to NYC - we stayed 3 nights at the lovely London NYC - day we left noticed red bites - assumed they were mosquitos.log story short - since then we had a total infestation of bed bugs; have completely re-done our bedroom at home thanks to the bed bugs!
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On Dec 18 2009 Got bedbugs from this hotel in May 2009. After $300 spent on new bed, bedding, flooring and fumigation, am definitely suggesting to check before you sleep there!
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On Sep 1 2009 The London NYC wrote, Checked in Wed. Aug 12th and woke up the next morning with about a dozen small red itchy bumps. My wife joined me the next night and experienced the same problem after sleeping in the bed. Room was 1907. Hotel moved us to a new room, claimed to have inspected room 1907 and found no bugs (our symptions suggest otherwise) and did not offer a refund. Symptoms subsided after we switched rooms.
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On Aug 5 2009 The London NYC wrote, Woke up on 8/6 with itchy red bumps on my legs. Unsure of what caused the bumps I discussed with a local DR and discovered it was caused by bed bugs.
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