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Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel

239 W 4TH Ave
Anchorage AK 99501

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On Oct 10 2012 jiacai74 wrote, ...around 4 am by bouts of itches all over my body. When I turned out the light, I found at least 8-9 bed bugs on the sheet and pillows, and there was bloody spots all over the bed! Appalled and horrified, I called the front desk and reported the bed bugs. To my utter disbelief, the person answered was rude and curt; she didn't offer a single word of apology; instead, her attitude was condescending...
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On Sep 5 2012 ...middle of the night I woke up with itch all over. When I turned on the light I found at least 6-7 bugs on the bed sheet and pillow, big and fat with my blood! I couldn't believe my eyes as I had never encountered bedbugs in hotels in my life until then. I called the hotel staff, - incredibly, they were extremely rude to me. Even though they eventually switched me to a different room that morning,...
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On Aug 31 2012 Lisa M wrote, ...They only provided two towels even though there were four of us in the room. The towels even though they were "washed" constantly had various stains on them. I could not wait to leave this hotel. For a hotel located in downtown Anchorage you would think they would wanna upgrade the place. Would not recommend this hotel if you want to get a good nights sleep. I left praying to not have bed bugs.
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On Aug 23 2012 Lisa wrote, ...morning. I didn't even realize until my sister came down on tuesday that my room was infested with bed bugs. She located and captured about three of them and took them to the hotel staff, where they confirmed they were bed bugs. I was later moved to another room. Did sleep well the remander of my trip. Luckly I had only 2 days left. I am still working with hotel for a refund. So far I have not gotten...
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On Aug 13 2012 When I first laid down on the bed, I suddenly felt itchy. I didn't think anything of it, I just scratched a little and then went to sleep. The next morning I found a rash on my chest. I immediately went to the bed and searched it thoroughly - I found multiple bed bugs. I would try to tell the management, but after reading the previous posts, I understand that will get me nowhere.
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On Aug 7 2012 ...paid a little more to stay somewhere else. After spending 2 nights in the motel I noticed itchy bug bites and thought it was mosquitoes. When I got home from my trip and undressed to take a shower and realized I was covered in bites. I immediately took all of my luggage and put it in the garage in a trash bag. I haven't seen any bugs but I was seen by a physician who was 99% sure I had been bit...
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On Aug 7 2012 travel_true_HI wrote, What ever you do, do not stay here! It is infested with BED BUGS! I agree with everything thee b says. I had the same experience. I am praying I haven't brought them home to infest my house. Worst hotel experience ever.
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On Aug 7 2012 HighMiler1670 wrote, ...the hotel. Before signing the guest paperwork we asked to see the room, went up, inspected it for bed bugs . nothing found . looked at the pillows . lipstick and makeup on the pillow case . Took the actual pillow case down to the desk and said we can't stay in that room, do you have another? Went to the second room . hair in the sheets and on the pillows. The beds must have been remade without changing...
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On Jul 26 2012 thee b wrote, info- we are on the third floor, 'ok' location not great but ok. Actually everything was going great until i woke up with a bedbug in my shirt, the place smells a bit, a little dated. AND BEDBUGS! rather its cheap or not, its better to go camping or be on the street then get in this hotel! YOU CAN FIND BETTER HOTELS THEN THIS! i dont care if you guys think this is a lie or not but i no i ant coming back.
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On Jul 19 2012 Itchy wrote, We came in exhausted and just fell into bed. Next morning my wife said , "hey. a bug" After a little Google search. Yep!
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On Jun 11 2012 ortiz_138 wrote, ...resirvations, so I went back to the computer and did some searching and found out that they had bed bugs back in January, so I asked my husband to take the headboard off and see if their were any signs of bed bugs and sure enough their were signs. I had priceline call and they said they would refund me my money except the one day because they had checked in over two hours, that's BULL it had only...
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On Apr 9 2012 i woke up around 3am in the morning to wake up and see a bed bug on my pillow, right next to my head. we told the manger but he refused to do anything about it, he was very rude and delclined to move us to another room. even know we had evidence of the bed bug, he would not give us a refund. for anyone looking for a hotel i recommend that you not go to howard johnson, its invested with bedbugs,
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On Mar 20 2012 Bossman wrote, ...I happen to check-in Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel but I quickly checked-out after seeing a couple of bed bugs on the pillow and on the covers. One was almost transparent and I could see that it had been feeding on someone before me and one was an adult, rusty red in color. Ive dealt with bed bug issues before and I strongly do not recommend staying in this run down old hotel. Be careful! Don't take...
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On Feb 23 2012 bed bug infestation at howard johnson hotel.
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On Jan 8 2012 Terry P wrote, BED BUGS awful experience. The manager Ed, was very rude and arrogant. His responds to me when I asked him to pay for another hotel room, and the cost of cleaning all of my belonging was "NO I DON"T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM". He refunded my money for that night and he felt that was all he had to do. The man was cold and heartless, very bad business person, no mortal ethics.
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On Jan 6 2012 At 4 a.m. I woke up, turned on the light, and saw about 10 bites on my shoulder, thumb, arm, wrist, head. We saw at least 5 bugs in my bed and several in my sons bed. When I told the manager, he was arrogant and very rude and would only switch us to another room. We chose to go to another hotel. I called Pest Control and had to have everything treated and washed, which Howard Johnsons would not reimburse...
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On Jan 4 2012 kellyinak wrote, Friends of ours stayed at this hotel last night and woke up with bedbugs on them! When they went to the front desk clerk she said, "Oh yah, we've been getting some complaints about that". WHAT!?!? Until they completely tear out the beds and replace carpeting, I would avoid this hotel.
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