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Fayetteville Clarion Inn

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1255 S Shiloh Dr
Fayetteville AR 72701

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On Jul 25 2011 Stayed in room 124 on July 22-24, 2011. Awoke first morning and noted raised and flat reddened areas over neck; no itching. Next morning, had 3 more spots over right cheek on face; no itching. Room mate in other bed - no symptoms, thus far. Am a medical person so I began antihistamines and cortisone topical on 24th at home. Just hope I didn't carry them home - left luggage atop furniture or in drawer.
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On Aug 22 2010 bjnew wrote, ...Nope. Funny thing was, one of the other ladiesin our group had a tank on as well as one of the waitresses we observed. Okay for ladies to wear them but not men. Since he had no other shirts with him that weren't tanks we were not allowed entrance. Never again will we stay there, tanks or not. Also, I got up the next morning with some strange bites (bed bugs?) and the pillows were awful.
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On Jun 8 2010 hatebedbugsms wrote, My sisters and I stayed in room 110 in the Fayetteville, AR Clarion . We were eaten up by bed bugs and this was confirmed by two different Dr.s. The review from the other traveler who ended up in the emergency room with bed bug bites sounds too familiar. When I call ed to report this, they hardly said sorry. Do not stay at this place. We were only in town because of a family medical emergency - now...
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On Apr 2 2010 Karrie wrote, Stayed in room 131, searched the room, pulled sheets back, got in bed and kept feeling itchy all night, I kept my clothes on because the itchy feeling in bed. I woke up and had slept on my stomach and my shirt had lifted up during the night exposing my belly. I have a large area on my stomach of bite marks/raised welps. I was told the next day by a nurse that it appeared to be bed bug bites.
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